El Paciente

(In Development)


Over the years, Jacobo has taken advantage of his patients using his successful psychiatrist figure. One day he receives a new patient, Mateo, an unbalanced young man who is suffering from the recent death of his girlfriend. Mateo has a hard time opening up in therapy, so when Jacob investigates in his subconscious, he ends up discovering that he has gone to see him because he is really his son. Jacobo will try to connect with him helping him overcome his problems, he will search in the depths of his memories without knowing that this will expose the darkest of his being.
Can Jacobo discover what upset Mateo before it destroys their lives?

Data Sheet

Producer: Diego Milán Peniche
Head of production: Ulrich Maier
On-line production: Rabbit Pérez
Production manager: J.J. Rodríguez
Script: Sam Reyes / Andrónico González
Director: Sam Reyes
Cinematography: Andrónico González
Production designer: Florent Vitse
Film editor: Jorge García/Sam Reyes
Postproduction: Franz Álvarez Novotny
Sound designer: Odín Acosta
Assistant director: Beto Macín
Music: Saverio Rapezzi

Company: HUESTA FILMS S.A. de C.V.
Country: México


Humberto Zurita (Jacobo Falcón)
Irán Castillo  (Amanda Falcón)
Luis Velázquez (Mateo)
Paulette Hernández (Denisse)
Natalie Schumacher (Susana)
Manuel Uriza (Oficial Ruelas)
Surya Macgrégor (Irene)
Isabel Burr (Novia De Mateo)

  • Location: Dr. Falcón Office.

  • Costume design.

Tirar a Ganar

(In Development)


Carlos, a child without economic resources, fulfills his dream of going to see the representative team of his country in a soccer world cup.

Not without first overcoming the obstacles that will stand in his way to achieve it.

Data Sheet

Producer: Diego Milán Peniche
Head of production: Rabbit Pérez
Production manager: J.J. Rodríguez
Script: Diego Milán / Sam Reyes
Director: Sam Reyes
Assistant director: Beto Macín
Second assistant director: Joe Aguilar de Pablo
Cinematography: Tonatiuh Martínez
Second unit photography: Yojanan Montaño
Production design: Florent Vitse
Film edition: Jorge García / Sam Reyes
Postproduction: Franz Á. Novotny
Sound design: Odín Acosta
Music: Saverio Rapezzi
Music supervisor: Herminio Gutiérrez
Makeup: Alfredo “El Tigre” Mora

Company: HUESTA FILMS S.A. de C.V.
Country: México  


Adriana Barraza (Bertha, Carlos grandmother)
Irán Castillo (Laura, Carlos mother)
Bruno Bichir  (Luis, Carlos father)
Santiago Torres (Carlos)

  • Location: Russia.

  • Location: Mexico City.

  • Carlos Neighborhood in Guadalajara.

About the Company

HUESTA FILMS is a newly created company founded in 2013 by Sam Reyes who serves as cinematographic director and Diego Milan Peniche as Producer.

Diego Milan Peniche - Productor.

Diego Milán




Diego is a Public Accountant graduated from the Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara campus with a Masters degree in International Management from the University of South Carolina in the United States.

He worked as director of finance in transnational companies in various fields such as mining, metal stamping, medical packaging and plastic injection between the years 1996 and 2007. since 2004, he has been director general of Corporativo Diemy, construction, food biotechnology, high frequency plastics, distribution and export of tequila as well as development of pet food supplements. some of these projects already have subsidiaries in the united states and soon in Europe.

The concern to promote creative projects with solid base since its planning arose from the experience acquired with models of success of the companies already mentioned and this is how in 2013 constitutes HUESTA FILMS, SA de CV together with Sam Reyes to promote cinematographic creations of High impact and quality both nationally and abroad, with THE PATIENT being its first large-scale film project.

Sam Reyes - Director Cinematográfico

Sam Reyes

Cinematography Director


Sam has experience in the field of film for more than 10 years, including his feature film debut “EL ECO DEL MIEDO”, a horror and suspense film. In addition to the above, he has vast experience in advertising for more than four years with renowned agencies such as Mandaraka Estudios de René Castillo where he served as post-production director, also collaborated for the production of the animated sequences in the feature film “Bajo la Sal “Distributed by Warner Bros. Mexico, directed by Mario Muñoz.

As a post-production director, he participated in more than 150 campaign productions for companies such as Kellogg’s, Telcel, Bimbo, GNC, Astra Séneca, Telmex, among others.

In addition to the above, he participated in the supervision of special effects of films such as “The kingdom of the guardian” and “I am not Guerrilla” (Sergio Sánchez – Director).

He has worked in the direction of music videos for companies like Sony Music, where he wrote and directed the video “Te dejé” of the group Pop Playa Limbo, which was nominated for Crystal Screen for in the categories of “best script” and ” of art”. In 2014 he gains the Crystal Screen for color correction for the video “The Air” of Siddhartha. He is co-screenwriter of the feature films in Development The Patient and Tirar a ganar.

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